Jul 21, 2012

Welcome Baby Brody!

Well, life has certainly changed for Aaron and I in the most fabulous way ever this week. We are overjoyed and feeling incredibly lucky to be the parents of a healthy, beautiful baby boy.

Tuesday went wonderfully for me. I had a textbook labor and was so glad that the induction was successful. The fact that when I went in on Tuesday and was already 3 cm dilated certainly helped. Brody was as eager to meet us as we were to meet him. 13 hours after arriving at the hospital and at 8:16pm we heard the most magical sound ever- Brody's precious cry. He was perfect and so tiny; weighing 7lbs and 20 3/4 in in length. Pure perfection.

We have settled in at home and are figuring each other out. My parents are here and have been a huge help. I have been able to focus on caring for Brody and they are helping in every other way they can. He is feeding great which is wonderful but at this point it's just on demand so no schedule is set. He hasn't been waking to feed on his own so I have been waking him every 2- 2.5 hours to establish a good milk supply and also help him fill those diapers. His jaundice levels were slightly elevated when they discharged us but nothing too concerning. The prescription was feed, feed, feed. My milk has started to come in and I am already noticing a huge difference in both his interest and length of time nursing as well as his skin tone. He's getting back to that olive colored skin tone he had at birth.

Willis, Bella and Brady have been exactly how I thought they would be- less than interested in Brody. Willis did initiate him into the family by laying a nice wet one on him when we brought him through the door. Both pups are getting used the evening schedule. I had to move them several times last night and they certainly did not enjoy all the commotion in the room at 2am, 5am and 7am. We have been hanging out in bed until about 9am when any of us can manage to get enough energy to move to the couch. Although we are tired, life is still amazing!

We are so happy to be home, have a healthy and beautiful child and be surrounded by family. I cannot think of a single thing to complain about.

Look at me.... I'm 4 days old!!

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