Jul 25, 2012

1 week old!

Yesterday at 8:16 pm Brody turned one week old and we officially survived the first week. To me it has been a blur and gone by extremely fast. I am totally going to jinx things by saying this but he has been sleeping really well! The first two nights home I was waking him after 2-2.5 hours but the past two nights he slept for over 4 hours from 12-4/4:30. Even then I had to wake him but I so needed him to eat or else I was going to have to bust out the pump. He feeds for about and hour and then sleeps for another 2 hours and wakes on his own. Although the the second stretch is not nearly as long it all works out because at 7 the Today Show starts and I can watch my favorite morning crew. Also, it is after this feeding we get some serious snuggle time :)

Family bed time has been awesome

Yesterday was also Brody's one week well visit so it was a big day out for he and I! Other than for a daily stroll around a block, he and I have been home bound. He did great at the pediatrician and is officially back to his birth weight plus one ounce- he now weights 7lbs 1oz. The doctor gave him an A+ at week one and since his weight gain is great he does not have to go back to the pediatrician for a month.

Brody was born with a tight frenulum- the membrane under your tongue. Some of the concerns with this are that his latch is really painful for me because he cannot get his tongue to stick out. When he would try (to stick his tongue out) it was almost as if his tongue was in a heart shape. Also, down the road it could cause potential speech problems. So with the recommendation of both the pediatrician and the lactation consultant we decided to clip it back a little. Although I'm sure it did not feel great for Brody while it was being done he did eat immediately following and has been fine since. I feel good that we did it and trust me, other parts of my body are thankful too ;)

Brody's second car ride!

After he peed all over the nurse, Brody sleeps and waits for Dr. S

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