Jun 27, 2012

What's in a Name?

I thought that I would wait until the nursery reveal to share the name of Baby Bell but that seems to be coming along slower than I actually would like.  So instead, I'll give the name reveal a blog of it's own.

The boy name was easy for us; we always knew what we would name our boy.  I have no idea when this name first came in to conversation but it was decided upon long before we even discussed having children.  I think we may have even agreed on the name before we were married. 

We wanted something (semi) common but not too popular.  Although I love pretty much all the names on the top 10 list we wanted something else.  I grew up always being one of at least two (sometimes 3) in each of my primary grade classes.  It never bothered me but was always confusing when the teacher would say "Courtney" and three heads would whip around. 

So.... drumroll please....  Baby Bell will be formally known as.....

We are so excited to meet Brody (middle name still TBA) Bell in just 3 short weeks!

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