Jun 5, 2012

32 Week Update

This is what the first part of my morning consisted of:

One hour hooked up to the fetal monitor to measure BB's activity levels.  He was very sleepy this morning so they had to keep zapping my belly with this vibrating thing to wake him up.  His heart rate varied between 140-150 but mostly was around 142 for the entire time.  They want to see at least two jumps of 15+ beats per minute and have it stay for a 10 beats or more and they were able to get that once they woke him up.  I didn't eat breakfast this morning so maybe I will try that for Friday to get some more activity out of this little guy.  I did have a cup of coffee and that did not do the trick so we'll see what else I can switch up to get him jumping around.  He might just not be a morning person or perhaps a fabulous sleeper.  If the latter is the case it is fine by me!

Dr. Z had no concerns and was pleased with the test.  He said I didn't really need to be hooked up for the hour but he got to me as soon as he could to review the results.  He said everything he needed to see happened in the first 15 minutes.  Relaxing for an hour in the lazy boy watching the Today Show was fine by me.  

I also had an ultrasound for growth measurements and everything is right on track.  BB is weighing approx. 4lbs 3oz. and measuring about a week ahead.  His head (75%) and femur (70%) measurements are still are big but not concerning.  I am 32w5d today and the average of all the measurements puts me at 33w4d.  

In other update news I have gained an additional half a pound in two weeks.  This one really surprised me as with moving and not really having a kitchen or things to cook with we did a lot of eating out last week.  I was certain this would be a big gain week!  I rewarded my low weight gain with a blueberry muffin.  My total weight gain thus far is just over 18 pounds.  

I will head back to Dr. Z on Friday for a repeat Non-Stress Test and this time I will be sure to have some breakfast to wake up the sleepy baby.   

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