May 21, 2012

Weekend Recap

Aaron and I traveled to Massachusetts this past weekend to celebrate the upcoming arrival of BB.  My Mom hosted a shower for us and it was perfect!  Since we traveled by plane she asked that the gifts be shipped to Virginia and instead of cards people brought children's books with a sweet message written in side.  BB has started a great library of books and I cannot wait to share them with him!  I did an awful job of documenting the day but here is a picture of some of my oldest and closest friends.  One I have known since kindergarten and the others for over 16 years! 

While we were home in MA we did a lot of running around and shopping for both BB and ourselves.  Since we are pretty limited in where we can shop here in Blacksburg it is always a treat!  On Friday we headed to Ikea and purchased a dresser and a bookshelf for the nursery.  I shopped around a lot for these two items but ultimately loved both the style and the price of the items at Ikea.  I will blog on this topic later in the week but we purchased a new car in Maine and it has been sitting in my parents garage for the past two months (or so.)  We loaded up the Ikea furniture as well as lots of great hand me downs from my sister for BB and the car was shipped out yesterday.  We should have the car and all the goodies by Thursday (at the latest.)

Ironically, Aaron received a phone call from one of his close friends that he was in the area for a wedding with his girlfriend.  After we left Ikea on Friday we met up with Ben and enjoyed a great lunch.  So great to see him!

Although we love to visit our families and friends it is always nice to return home as well.  It was a beautiful day yesterday and we enjoyed our afternoon by taking the pups to the park for some fetch.  Nothing makes Bella more happy than fetching and running off a leash.  Willis too- he is less concerned with fetching and more interested in running free.  This picture cracks me up:

Oh to be a dog.  So carefree and enjoying your ears blowing in the wind.

Catching a breather in the shade. 

It appears I am not the only one who enjoys the pregnancy pillow. She is so spoiled rotten it's not even funny!

We are headed out of town again this weekend and it will be my final trip before BB arrives.  We are going to Myrtle Beach and I am so excited to put my toes in the sand and have a few days of some serious R&R.

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