Feb 10, 2012

Decisions, Decisions....

Where to live next year....  Of course when we moved here we chose to rent for many reason.  One, we needed to sell our house in the Arctic.  Never in a million years would I have imagined we would have sold it in three weeks.  Well, I mean I knew it was a great house but with only two bedrooms it was definitely for a specific market.  Luckily a young, single women fell in love with 101 South Dr. just the way we had in 2008.  Second, we wanted to get to know the area before committing and buying a house right away.  I think it is always important to get acclimated before making a huge investment in a house.  Third, I was going to be unemployed when moving to VA and who knew how long it would take to find a job.  Again, I got really lucky in this dept.  Maybe we are just lucky people?  Perhaps I should play the lotto...  OK back to decisions...

So here we are now, feeling settled in beautiful Blacksburg and both employed.  Although the house that we are renting is located exactly where we want it to be, the layout is not really all that functional and we are spending more in rent that our mortgage was in Buffalo.  Again, renting was the best solution for us in September but I am not so sure it is what is best now.  Part of this is maybe the "nesting" beginning and the desire I have to want to feel really settled before Baby Bell comes.  Is it ridiculous that the thought of not being able to decorate a nursery makes me sad and may be the driving force behind this??  I know it may sound a bit extreme.

So, we are house hunting.  Right now it is very leisurely and just by viewing properties online.  We have driven by a few of them and ruled most out based on location and the lots.  Being that we are in the mountains some of the properties are located on steep hills which would basically provide no yard.  What is the point of owning an acre if you can't use any of it??  And some of the houses are so close together... we love meeting neighbors and living in a place with great people, but do you really want to look in to their windows and feel like you are joining them for dinner?  No thanks.

We realize this will be a process and we hope to start actually looking at the homes and their interiors next month. Right now Aaron is too busy and his focus does not need to be on house shopping.   And the reality is that if we don't find anything we can certainly stay put where we are for another year.  As mentioned, the house is plenty big for all of us and would fit our needs.  Baby Bell will just have to do with brown walls- I'm sure they won't complain.

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