Feb 13, 2012

16 weeks: Update

I had my 16 week appt. today and Baby Bell is doing great! It was just a regular appt. so just a check in on the heartbeat which was a strong 150.  Some more blood work was done for the second screen for downs and trisonomy.  We had the first scan and blood work done at 12 weeks and all was great then- we are expecting to hear the same great news when this lab work comes back.

I am still feeling really good.  I am up another pound so that bring the total weight gain so far to a whopping 2 pounds!  I was actually really happy about this as it is hard to tell how much weight you are or are not gaining when you can't button half of your pants.  Amen for Bella Bands =)

On other weird pregnancy news, on Saturday Aaron and I went to dinner and I had scallops.  I love seafood and shellfish in particular.  The meal was great but when I got home I noticed I had hives all over my face!  They were not itchy but they were very red and raised so I took Benedry and went to sleep.  The next morning they were mostly gone, my face was just a little blotchy.  I asked the doctor about it today and he said that any allergy is heightened during pregnancy and I could have always had an allergy to shellfish or I may be developing one.  He wasn't concerned but said to monitor it shall it happen again.  Very strange.

I made the appointment for the anatomy scan.... March 12th will be the big day.  Here's to hoping these next 4 weeks fly by so we can get a peek at Baby Bell.  Hopefully he/she will cooperate and show the "goods."

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