Dec 2, 2011

Hello December...

Wow!  How is it already December?  The last 6 months have seriously been a whirlwind.  I am sure selling a house, moving to a  new state and starting a new job all contribute to the insanity but I seriously cannot believe I am staring at the calendar and it reads December 2, 2011.

With that said, I typically am fully decorated for Christmas, finished almost all of my shopping, addressing all my holiday cards and making festive holiday treats.  I have completed none of those as of yet and I am having a really hard time getting in to the spirit of the holidays.  Aaron and I usually put the tree up right after Thanksgiving but we are contemplating even putting one up this year.  I think some of it has to do with the space and some if it has to do with the home.  It's hard to go back to renting after you own your home.  And it is exactly just that, our house does not feel like a home.  I am only partially unpacked from the move nearly 3 months ago and I just don't feel cozy.  And my biggest reason for not decorating? We don't have a mantle.  I know it's ridiculous that because we don't have a mantle I wouldn't decorate for Christmas; but seriously, where do you hang your stockings or put all your snowmen and Santa statues???

And in terms of shopping...  We are flying home to MA this year because it will be easier than driving (12 hours by car but we have to go through DC, Philly, NYC and then of course the 95 stretch b/w Stamford, CT. and Providence, RI.  NO THANKS) and I will not be able to pack everything.  I could ship it all and have it there when I get back or I could just wait until the few days before the holiday and shop then.  Let's face it even if I was done shopping Aaron and I would still brave the stores because we like the mall and living in rural town, USA there is no shopping within a two hour radius (good shopping anyway.)

So help me, should I put up a tree or not?  Will it help kick start the season of giving?  And where do you hang your stockings if you don't have a mantel?

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