Nov 7, 2011

Random Updates From VA

All is well in Virginia.  Everyday we get a little more settled in to our life in this college town and we feel blessed that we have been given an opportunity to live this life.  The pups are LOVING the weather and the Huckleberry Trail- it is so nice to have access to a bike path just steps from our door.  Although I am missing my daily long walk with them, I certainly make it a point on the weekends to take them for our "route" that we did everyday for 6 weeks.  Aaron has gone back to being the primary dog walker as it is just too far for me to go back and forth everyday from Radford.

My job is going great.  I am meeting with students and just doing what I love.  Again, I feel blessed to have found a job so quickly and to not have sacrificed what it is that I love just to get by.  The office is great and the people are even better.  I find myself referencing Buffalo a lot but I think that is probably typically.  I am hoping that all I learned in Buffalo will help the students and the office here at Radford University.

Everything else is calm and not too much to report on.  I suppose that is a good thing, right?  Here are some recent pics of who else, but Willis and Bella.  Yesterday was such a beautiful day and we spent it with the pups at the park!

And this is totally random....  We had some friends over on Saturday to watch the LSU vs. Alabama game and I tried my luck at a new lasagna recipe and it turned out pretty good.  I substituted cottage cheese for ricotta.  Here is the recipe in case anyone would like it:

I also substituted ground turkey for beef and instead of mozzarella I used asiago.  We like cheeses with strong tastes and mozzarella is just too bland for me.

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