Nov 9, 2011

Closing On A Chapter....

Well it's official, we have closed on our house in the Arctic.  It is definitely bittersweet for sure- we loved that house!  I am sure everyone holds s special place in their heart for their first home but that house I think was so much more for us.  It symbolized a lot of "firsts" for us.

First off, it was our first house we owned.  It was not a large house, but it was ours and we loved it's 'bones,' the street and the neighbors.  During the house hunting process it just spoke to us...

Second, we welcomed our handsome and tiny pup, Willis to that home.  

 He brought so much warmth to 101 South Drive and truly made that house a home for us.  We loved our walks on the tree lined streets.  Willis too misses his friends that he had in the neighborhood.  It was a very pet friendly block!

Third, it's the house we returned to after we said 'I Do' and promised to death do us part.  

We exchanged our vows in front of 200 family members and friends and after the vacation of a lifetime to Greece we returned home to our humble home and handsome pup and kitty.

Fourth, it's also where we helped Bella find her forever home after being in several houses over a short period of time.

We were so excited to find a friend for Willis and to also introduce her to all the neighborhood pups.  Bella bonded quickly with Willis but no so much with the other neighborhood pups.. She can be a little "bossy" at times...

Although we no longer get to call that house our home, we will always remember it for the great memories and also all of the great opportunities we were given by making the move to Buffalo.  That house will be a reminder of both family and friends and we will forever be grateful that we were able to go home to that house for 3 1/2 terrific years.

So here's to you 101 South Dr.  Forever our first home and forever in our hearts!

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