Oct 31, 2011

Homecoming X2

I am backtracking a bit here but a few weekends ago I headed back to Athens, Ohio to enjoy homecoming at Ohio University.  It has been four years since I was able to enjoy Athens to it's fullest and it certainly felt great to be back in A-town.

Ohio University is nestled in Southeastern Ohio and just epitomizes to me what college should look like. Brick streets with mature trees, nothing for miles in either direction and of course 20+ bars in a quarter mile radius.  Just what the students need, right?  It's a "NeverNever Land" of sorts and will forever hold a soft spot in my heart.  It's where I met some of the most amazing people, earned two degrees, held my first "big kid" job and of course where Aaron and I met and fell in love.  It truly is a magical place.

I was able to see lots of old faces and reconnect with former teammates.  Additionally I was able to visit some of my favorite restaurants and bars.  Although I was only there for 36 hours I would venture to say I lived Athens to it's fullest!

The women's locker room at Ohio has undergone some updates and I got a chance to take a peek.  There has been talks of a locker room upgrade since I was there 10 years ago and I am certainly glad to see that it finally happened.  I was also super excited to see that Striker, our wannabe bobcat still has a home in the locker room.

As if one night in Athens didn't kill my liver I was so lucky to celebrate Homecoming VT style in Blacksburg.  I have two friends who are a VT alum and came back to enjoy Blacksburg for the weekend.  It was really nice to get a tour of the campus through their eyes and visit all their favorite bars and restaurants on campus.  It was a wonderful 3+ days spent with good friends.

Colleen and I tailgating before the VT vs. BC game

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