Dec 19, 2010

Weekend With the Ladies

I fled the Arctic and the animals for a weekend with my college girls.  There was no doubt that time with these wonderful ladies is just what the doctor ordered for me.  Between the running around and the craziness that is life, some R&R was much needed.

When I went to Ohio University 10 years ago (crazy that it's been that long) I knew that I would have the time of my life.  However, what I never realized would happen is that I would make such wonderful friends that would last a lifetime.  I could not imagine my life without these girls as they have helped shape me in to who I've become.  Although we are sprinkled across the US, we still have remained close and involved in each others lives.

Our weekend was low key and very relaxing.  Other than a short walk around the neighborhood with Shannon's new pup Troy we never even left the house.  It was amazing!  The Wii kept us very entertained as we tried to master our dance skills with the Just Dance games and what would a reunion weekend be without some Michael?  We of course had a blast rocking out to some oldies but goodies. 

Carlee and Jill dancing to Michael.  Please note the pajamas- we stayed this way most of the weekend =)

Excuse the dance moves but note how much fun we we're having!

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