Dec 20, 2010

'Twas the Week Before Christmas...

... And all through the Bell house- Craziness!  Oh the holidays, it's such a love hate thing.  I love spending time with my family and friends but the days leading up to traveling are nuts!  Lucky for Aaron he gets to brave the post office today.  I strategically left him the one job that I hate the most-visiting the post office anytime in the month of December.  I did package everything at home so all he needed to do was go to the post office to buy the postage-simple, right?  I'm sure I'll hear about this one later =)

For everyone who hates the mall in December, people who do not border Canada really have no idea how horrible the mall is for us that live in the Arctic.  The volume of people is multiplied by 1000 and then you have the trash bags full of clothes (the ones they wore to the mall that day) thrown in the parking lot.  They pile on all the new clothes they purchased and wear them back over the border to avoid paying tax on the clothes.  I'm sure I am stereotyping that this is all Canadians this time of year, but I literally had to dodge several bags left in the middle of the parking lot yesterday.  It's insane.  Aaron mentioned out the idea of going to the Outlet Mall in Niagara Falls yesterday and all I needed to do was flash him a look and instantly he knew that was a horrible idea.  Canadians I surrender- you can have the mall.  I'll return in January....

We'll make our way to Mass. tomorrow and it will be our first long trip with the pups in the new and much more spacious car.  I am very excited about this- not the 7 hour drive but the added leg room is a plus.  To all our readers, Merry Christmas and safe travels to you all! 

Aaron, Courtney, Willis, Bella, and Brady

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