Sep 20, 2010

Random Updates

I have been awful at this blog thing since school started back up. Every time I think to blog I really don't have the time. And as much as some of my stories from school would amuse you all, I am choosing to not blog about them in hopes to keep my job. But seriously, everyday is interesting and college students never seem to amaze me anymore. It's either that I was highly motivated, naturally a genius, had career ambitions or that I am getting really old that the new generation is extremely lazy and unmotivated. And, since I can check my email, use Excel as a tool to assist me and essentially use the computer for more purposes than facebooking, skyping, etc. I am a computer genius. Just sayin'....

Ok, end rant =)

Aaron and I have been car shopping. I say the term loosely because although we are in the market to buy a car we really don't need one tomorrow. Our cars work fine, but we would like an upgrade. Both of us have been extremely fortunate to have never had to make a car payment. Thanks to our parents, we were given our cars which we are so grateful for. However, both of those cars are nearing 11 years old and although the mileage is not really high for their age (100K each) we are ready for a grown-up car. I guess Aaron already has the car that he loves, but since we paid cash for it we have still never had to have a car payment.

We are ready for the car payment, but also have a budget to stick to. We don't want a car payment to consume our monthly expenses so we are being smart and not impulsive. We have narrowed the search down to a Honda Pilot. It is a big car, but we have two large pups and we would like a car we can grow in to. We fully intend to keep this car for another 10-12 years so I am sure we will get our fair use out of it.

We are looking for a certified pre-owned vehicle. It will save us about $10,000 and we only put on about 8-10k miles a year so we can get by with a car that is pre-owned and has low mileage. We have been out to see a few, but the numbers haven't been right so we are waiting patiently until one comes that we are looking for. Good things come to those who wait, right? I am hoping we do purchase by Christmas or else we will have a very long 7 hours in the go-cart with to dogs.

Happy Monday everyone!

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