Sep 22, 2010


I have graduated from the roller skate of a car and I will get my new Honda Pilot on Thursday. This also happens to be my birthday! Does it get any better than that?? I am so excited about picking it up tomorrow and cruising in style.

As mentioned in the previous post, Aaron and I were super slow with this purchase and cautious because we know how huge taking on a car payment is going to be. We looked at a few cars but the numbers never quite matched what we were comfortable with. Last night we went back to look at one of the cars we saw on Sunday. While there we feel in love with a different vehicle. She's (the car) beautiful! I am upgrading from a base model Chevy coupe to a fully loaded (navigation and all) Honda Pilot. And you know what makes me even more excited? I get to share it with these two cuties:

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