Jul 4, 2010

Backyard BBQ

We had our second annual July 4th BBQ and it was a success. We love hosting our friends for grilled food and backyard games-what could be better? I decided that I would slow cook ribs all day and they came out great! Usually I marinate them with part barbecue sauce, part cherry wheat beer, but today I decided to do a dry rub and baste them as they cooked for 4 hours. They were delicious! Everyone brought a dish to share and all the food was yummy =)

Next week is our anniversary so Aaron and I decided we would defrost and serve our top tier at the cookout. I honestly thought that it would taste freezer burnt or be dry, but it was AMAZING!! It was a chocolate fudge cake and it tasted as good as I remember it tasting on July 10th. We will get another cake (of our choice) from the bakery this week for our actual anniversary. The Dessert Deli rocks!
Cornhole, Washers and Ladderball. Plenty of games for all!

Willis' new friend, Chloe!

Willis with two of his besties, Sam and Caitlin.

I was too nice on July 10, 2009- got my chance to shove cake in Aaron's face =)

Thanks to all who were able to celebrate with us!

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  1. awesome party. Emily and I had a great time and Chloe was super tired!