Jun 8, 2010

Updates on The Ear and Free Willy

Willis' ear is doing great! He got the babushka removed last week and the vet was pleased with the progress of his ear. However, he has a small cut on the other ear and we are worried it is going to take the same path as the other one. He is just an ear slapper and we can't make him stop! On other news, his coat looks great! We think the new food and the allergy medication the vet gave him is definitely helping.

Aaron and I had discussed when Willis turned two we would begin opening up the house and eventually allow Willis to roam free throughout the day. Well April came and went and Willis still went in to his crate when we went to work. When he had the babushka on his head he also had to wear the e-collar (cone) when we weren't home. It was really hard to get him in his crate with the cone so we made the decision to let him roam free throughout the house. What harm could he do? He couldn't get to anything with the e-collar on.

Tuesday was Willis' first trial to roam free without the cone and he has been (knock on wood) an angel. We have yet to come home to find any messes or destroyed furniture. I think we are turning the corner and Willis is becoming a very independent pup!

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