Jun 12, 2010

On the Road (Again)

This post is not very timely, but last week we hit the road (again) and headed back to Athens for the Kostival/Wener wedding. For all of you who know anything about Athens, we were bound to have a fabulous time!
Athens will always hold a special place in both of our hearts. It is where I went 10 years (yikes!) ago to set out of an adventure. A place where I met some of the best people, where I learned a lot about myself and also where I learned to do 26 pull-ups. Yes, the pull-ups are ridiculous, but to all my dearest members of OU swimming and diving you get it. Four years went by in a blur and every time I return I warp back to 21 years old. Maybe a more tasteful 21 year old, but we'll leave those stories out.

Athens is also where Aaron and I met and fell in love. For that reason, Athens is also a special place and we will always cherish our first date, first kiss, etc. All of those moments occurred in Athens. It is where we began our professional lives and where we began our journey...

So... what did we do? We ate at our favorite restaurant, Casa twice in 15 hours, drank way too much, and reminisced about the old days with some great friends. We also attended the wedding of Courtney and Greg and there too had a fabulous time!

Congrats Courtney and Greg!!

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  1. athens is one of my favorite places on earth, too. :)