May 3, 2010

Updates from Willis

Well after one week on new food, the verdict is that I am still itchy, have horrible gas, but love the new diet! The vet told me that if it does not get better in two weeks I need to go back to get another medicine that will help the lining of my stomach. Also, I am still slapping my ears but mostly that is because mom is not 100% successful at getting the goop in my ear to treat my infection. I put up a huge fight with her every night when it is time for the nasty, thick goop. She gets so frustrated and to be honest, I call it payback for all the ridiculous sweaters, hats, and any other accessory she has tortured me with. So she calls me difficult and I call it Karma.

The weather has been beautiful here in Buffalo. We (mostly mom and dad) did yard work all weekend. They bought me an outdoor run so I can be outside too. I am not sure what I think of it yet, but I agree it is so much better than watching from the window.
We are going camping this weekend with some friends we have not seen in too long and I am so excited! Mommy tells me we will get to go hiking and play in the woods. I bet I see lots of bunnies and deer and this excites me greatly! I will be sure to have mom pack the camera and document all the fun.
Happy Monday, everyone!

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