Apr 25, 2010

Itchy and Scratchy

Sir Willis appears to have dandruff and is very itchy. Not only itchy, but it seems to be stinky as well. We already know that Willis has allergies, but to what we are not sure. So after a very educational trip to PetSmart we switched his food from Science Diet to Nature's Choice. This food is corn and wheat free and apparently two of the top allergens for dogs. We also bought some medicated shampoo and some yummy corn and wheat free treats. It may take a few weeks to see any improvements in his coat, so in the meantime I guess we have to just deal with the annoying sound of scratching all evening.

Do any of you with dogs have any additional advice, or suggestions to assist Willis and his alleged allergies?

1 comment:

  1. You can buy liquid fish oil that is made to be put in his water. Maybe an oatmeal bath to sooth him until *hopefully* the diet change works.

    We switched Quinn from Eukanuba to Solid Gold Barking at the moon about a year ago to help with her itching, it definitely helped. It is also a much better quality food, I never how horrible some dog foods are!