Mar 2, 2010

Identity Crisis and Single Parenting

Well, if you come here often you may have noticed that I have changed the background of the blog like a trillion times. I'm sorry for all the changes, but I get bored easily. Just ask Aaron. He'll come home and find the house completely rearranged. And no, I don't do this every week, just every other week or so. I like change. Sometimes I think that if I move the furniture the room looks cleaner. I might just be crazy, but it changes my angle of the room and perhaps my focus of the imperfections on the wall, or paint chipping off the window sills.

This is Aaron's busy season so Willis and I have been on our own during the week. This is going on week two and so far so good. Although Willis is certainly not getting as much exercise, he seems to be managing. I love to walk Willis, just not so much in a foot of snow and in -20 degrees. Ok, that is an exaggeration, but we do live in the Arctic and it is cold. Also, Aaron's schedule allows for a little more time in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. These are all really just excuses as it is just plain and simply put, cold in Buffalo.

On the positive side, dinner is a free for all and most of the time I eat snacks for dinner. For example tonight's dinner was tortilla chips and wine. Liquid calories count too, right? No need to prepare a meal just for me. Of course, gets his typically entree of two scoops if Science Diet. Perhaps a tortilla chip or two as well.

Before Aaron packed up and left us for the week, I was able to capture this picture of daddy and his boy...

Good Luck Buffalo! XOXO, Willis

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