Feb 27, 2010

Well, I held true to my promise for Willis and took him for a Mani/Pedi at Petsmart. Willis really enjoys his pampering and especially Sarah, one of the young ladies who works in the grooming parlor. Next to Juno, she might just be his true love. Sarah's shift was over and was on the way out when she say Willis coming in. His tail was wagging so fast and she stayed after her shift to spend some quality time with Willis. She is such a great gal =)

Once he was done, he certainly did walk me over to that treat isle and we picked up some yummy treats. No worries everyone, I stayed strong and did not purchase Willis any more clothing. Even thought it was hard because all the winter gear was 75% off. Willis remains naked. And, by the sound of his blog post, he is absolutely fine with it.

This picture is horrible, but it was my attempt to get a picture of Willis driving the monster truck. I will try to get a much better one without the reflection of the side of the house in the picture.

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