Dec 21, 2009

Aaron's Dream Has Come True

On Monday Dec. 28 will be the second happiest day of Aaron's life. (Of course July 10 was his happiest day.) Well, the day has finally come that Aaron will own his dream car, a Land Rover Discovery XD. There were only 200 made and as long as I have known Aaron, he has been searching for this car. So finally the search can end and it will be delivered from St. Louis, MO in one short week.

Over the course of the past three years or so, Aaron spends most of his waking moments between,, and craigslist searching for the perfect Land Rover. So of course I was excited to learn that he would have so much more time on his hands. Well, that lasted about 3 hours until he discovered the Land Rover forum. And, well, the rest is history. He is now spending his waking time reading and getting up to speed on his new vehicle. (Which as I said is not even here yet.)

Now, it's on to shopping for a new car for me. And if it takes as long as it has taken Aaron, it could be another three years... Let's hope not!

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