Nov 11, 2013

Finding your WHY and a new blog hop!

When I started to get my life in gear and focus on my health and wellness I was asked one simple question: WHY are you making a lifestyle change?

On the surface I had many answers to this questions.  First, I wanted to have more energy.  I was tired and lethargic  No amount of caffeine or sleep seemed to help me feel alert.  I was just surviving through a hectic life and honestly, not able to really enjoy all the simple pleasures in life.  They were happening and I was unaware.  Second, I wanted to find a fitness routine that I was excited about, and one that would engage and challenge me.  I haven't had that in years (like 10) and so needed it.  I am a competitive person and need to have things that challenge me or else I struggle to stay interested.  Third, I wanted to be in the best shape of my life.  This was not about a number on the scale but more about how I felt in my own skin.  One year  postpartum and my body needed some toning.  And honestly, I can't blame the pregnancy for the squish, I had not really committed to any long term health and fitness routines since 2004.

But none of these things were really my WHY.

You WHY is something that is more than a short term objective.  It needs to be deeper routed than that.  I knew that I would accomplish the three things I wanted from T25 but what would keep me going after that?  T25 is only 10 weeks so what happens after that?

When I explain finding your WHY to my challengers I ask them this questions, "what would you run into a burning building for"?  That is your WHY.  It's powerful and in the end it will be what continues to propel you forward and advance you.

I never had to really think about this or answer this question before.  As a competitive athlete for a large part of my life, I always had goals centered around performance.  In college it was about winning championships, improving my times, being a team contributor, etc.  It was never really deep rooted.  If I only knew then what I know now I feel like I could have done amazing things in the water...

So what is my WHY?  My why is my family.  I want to be the best version of me so that I can be the best wife, daughter, sister, friend and especially mother to Bman.  He deserves the best of me today, tomorrow and everyday of his life.  Feeling tired is not going to be a good excuse to why I cannot help him with something.  Feeling overwhelmed will not suffice when he needs my attention.  My health and wellness goals are much deeper than reaching a number on the scale, or fitting into a pair of skinny jeans, they are about my family and being there for them.  The other stuff (weight loss, skinny jeans) is an added bonus, but in the end not what will bring me a life full of laughter, love, and health.

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My Motivational Moment: Finding My WHY


  1. Hi Courtney,

    I just found your blog through the link up. Now following on bloglovin!
    I love the idea of asking yourself, "what is my why". I will be thinking about that today. Family is definitely one of my whys.

    I can't wait to read more!

    1. Hi Samantha! Thanks for stopping by! The beauty of the WHY is magical, and yes, family is such a motivator. I will follow back as well!

  2. Love this so much!! Seriously I have found my why for losing weight and it definitely showed me how. Thank you for this reminder to stay focused on the how.

    1. Thats great, Charity! The power of a WHY is magical. Thanks for stopping by!