Sep 18, 2013

All Things Bman

It's been awhile so I thought I would take a blog post and give you all things Bman.  He is so fun right now and is just the light of my life.  Everyday I count my blessing to have a happy, healthy, handsome, fun loving little boy.  Nothing makes my heart melt more than when he flashes that dimple faced smile at me.  He's going to break some hearts some day!

His favorite activities include: climbing the stairs, climbing on his chair and rolling off and onto the floor, playing in the dogs water dish, stacking blocks and rings, singing songs, beating on his drum and shaking his egg shakers, tossing all the toys down the stairs, and reading books. He's a busy, busy little man.

Brody is already starting to test some limits and I have been working on my 'stern' voice.  He thinks I am funny and usually laughs when I tell him 'no' or 'uh, uh, uh.'  Not sure he is quite getting the message but we'll keep trying.  It's hard to be serious when again he flashes those dimples.  I feel bad for his future partner/spouse because they are going to have a hard time when he is so damn cute.  One thing he has recently learned how to do is climb on Willis.  For those of you who know Willis, he is so passive (unless you ring the door bell or come in to my house) so he just sits and takes it.  I am working on 'gentle' with Brody.  Again, he laughs and flashes those dimples.  He knows exactly how to work me.

I would not call Brody a walker.  Some kids start running right after they figure out the walking business but B is still digging crawling.  He seems a little cautious and likes the speed of crawling.  He will take two steps, lower himself down and then crawl.  I am not in a rush for him to walk but just want to see that Frankenstein walk all new walkers have.  He'll get up and run when he is ready.

The words are coming along daily.  He says a ton but it is mostly babbling.  His new word that came out the other day was 'water.'  It was clear as day and caught me off guard.  So amazing to have him be able to verbally express what he needs.  I am loving this but if he is anything like me and Aaron I am sure he will be talking no-stop once he gets the hang of it.  I am a little nervous about this.  We may be playing the 'let's see who can be silent the longest' game.  Remember that one?

As far as sleep and eating go he is a champ in both these departments.  Sleeping 13 hours at night and 2-3 hours at nap.  However, I was informed yesterday that he is the first one awake at school and crawls off his cot and onto his friends cots to wake them up at nap.  Social butterfly for sure. As far as food goes, he was picky for a bit with foods but he is back to eating almost everything but loving your typical toddler foods the most.  Chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, pasta and all things fruit.  This kid can crush some serious fruit.  Aaron is his short order cook every morning and his normal breakfast looks like this: two scrambled eggs, a 4oz. yogurt, and fruit.  Today it was a whole pear.  My grocery bill is already insane with a one year old, I cannot imagine when he gets a little older.

I am loving this inquisitive, limit testing, experimenting phase.  It's so fun to watch him develop and learn.  I wish I could just freeze time a bit and have things slow down.  He is changing too fast.

 This seems to be how the family photos look these days.  No one looking, Bman pulling glasses off my face....

No idea what s being said here but it was probably an awesome conversation.

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