Aug 14, 2013


This week we are hunkering down and on a staycation.  We are given two weeks of vacation at Brody's daycare where we don't have to pay and we only used one week; both weeks need to be used before September 1st, so a staycation it is for us!

A week at home and sleeping in! Bman slept until 8:30am. Heck ya for two cups of hot coffee today!

We started our morning with a nice family breakfast, B and I went to Target, (much more pleasant this week) tried to kill the weeds forever, (blog post about this tomorrow) ran on the bike path and we had some good quality outdoor play.

While I am home with Brody this week I am determined to encourage him to walk.  Now I realize that this is totally up to him, but I so would love it if he walked for the first time on my watch.  We're getting close, he is doing so great with his wooden walker, and he actually took 1.5ish steps today after nap!  I am not going to call these his first steps because I am not convinced it really happened.  He was standing unassisted, drinking his water and shuffled toward the window sill.  Loss of balance is walking right?  In my former life, (i.e. before baby) I would have said this about a walk home from the bar. Must be true for a one year old too??

My other goals for the week are:

Clean the fridge
Go through closets and donate to Goodwill
Move Brody's old outgrown/unused toys to storage
Find two new recipes
Gather all materials for my first Beachbody Challenge I am hosting next week (so excited about this)!
Get rid of all weeds!!!

I only crossed one thing of this list, and hopefully the weeds are dead, so onward tomorrow! 

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