Jul 2, 2013

Want Ad

Full time working mom desperately seeking someone to come clean my house and pack me, the hubs and baby for our vacation. Oh, we're leaving in 36 hours and my house is a mess and I have not done a single load of laundry in preparation for our trip. Will compensate with food and beer.

For my dear friends with significants in the collegiate swim coaching field, or those of my friends who are collegiate swimming coaches you all know a little piece of your life stops as the calendar flips to July 1. While Aaron is no accountant, this is his 'tax season.' He has made at least 70 phone calls to prospects in the past 36 hours and he is still holding strong and currently on the phone. My house is a sea of color coded files all signifying the prospective student-athletes level of interest from the Hokies. I may go crazy if I need to move another file so I can wash a dish, sit on the sofa or feed Brody at the table. Get the picture? It's a mess.

Anywho.... We are leaving for MA on Thursday and I am procrastinating packing because its just so overwhelming. It's amazing how the addition of one person makes your luggage and carry ons multiply times five. How do these little people need so much stuff? Car seats, strollers, toys, food, diapers, etc. The list goes on.

So... Instead of starting a load of laundry and facing the task at hand I'm choosing to complain about it. Aren't you glad you stopped by? Thanks for listening. Oh, and any takers on my Ad?

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