May 5, 2013

Sunday Funday

We celebrated Sunday in true Bell fashion--with pancakes of course! Aaron was begging for Greek yogurt pancakes, (for what would have been the third weekend in a row) but I made an executive decision and decided on a more traditional pancake with strawberries. They were yummy! The yogurt pancakes are still both (Aaron and I) of our favorites but I think Brody preferred these. He ate 2 whole pancakes and a ton of watermelon! What a little piglet! We thought for sure he would have a ton that fell into his lap or the high chair but nope, almost 95% went down the hatch.

What's that? You want pictures of our Sunday tradition? Sure, I guess I could provide some of those :)

Such a good little helper

Signing for 'more'

Sunday continued to be a little more fun as we took Brody for his first hair cut. He was having a little too much party in the back and we felt it was necessary for a clean up. He did awesome! He was a little curious about the comb and the scissors but surprisingly sat very still.

Eek! He looks so handsome but like a little boy!

we closed out the night with a little Cinco De Mayo celebration and indulged in chips, salsa, burritos and of course Margaritas. Brody had a quesadilla and lime and was in heaven!

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