May 8, 2013

My hungry little catepillar

I cannot even begin to imagine what my grocery bill will look like when Bman is a teenager. It's only Wednesday and I'm already close to being out of produce. My little piglet cannot get enough food!

On Monday he ate: a 4oz yogurt, banana, sloppy joes, green beans, mandarin oranges and two eggs.

On Tuesday he ate: a Kashi cereal bar, banana, macaroni and cheese, clementines, mixed vegetables, a whole avocado, and a cheese stick.

On Wednesday he ate: a cereal bar, 3/4 of a pear, meatballs, broccoli, tropical fruit, an egg, sweet potato puffs and watermelon.

Oh, and he's still nursing morning and night and taking three 4/4.5 oz. bottles at school. Holy moly! Some of the meals he's eating really surprise me; I'd be full after a cereal bar and 3/4 of a pear. How does my nine month old just punish this food? Seriously amazing.

Even though he's a little pig, he certainly is a cute one. The dogs are also getting more food than needed. While I appreciate them helping to clean up after their brother, they too are looking a little thick in the mid-section...

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