May 29, 2013

Five Songs

I'm all over the place with this May Challenge and I'd hardly call myself successful, but this one sounded fun.  Write about five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. 

Jump by Van Halen- This song is one of my earliest memories of me and my sister.  I was no older than three years, 11 months and she was five.  I know this because it was in the first house I lived in and not the one I spent the rest of my childhood in (we moved before my 4th birthday).  Anyway.... I remember my sister and I dancing to this record in the upper level of our raised ranch and every time the song would say, 'jump'! we would of course,  jump.  Without a doubt, every time our feet landed back on  the ground the record would skip and we'd have to reset the song.

Jump Around by House of Pain  - OK,  not all my songs will have the word Jump in their title, but ironically enough both these do, and have significant meaning in my life.  Myself and three of my closest high school friends (and still close friends to this day) had a pseudo dance to this song.  It entailed saluting during the into of the song and then, well, jumping.  Seriously, maybe I have a weird obsession with jumping??  This dance did not take off like Gangham Style but we certainly had fun.  P.S. I apologize if these lyrics are offensive to anyone.

Hot in Here by Nelly- My college roommate and dear friend Shannon was (or should I say still is) OBSESSED with Nelly.  We're talking band-aids wearing, lyric referencing in all situations, and let's not forget, she named our apartment Nellyville.  God, I love this girl and her obsession.  Some of my fondest college memories revolve around Nelly and his catchy lyrics.

Don't Stop Believing by Journey- I am not sure when this song started to have such a strong impression on me, but it does.  It is my cure for all things stressful.  Bills to pay?  Turn on some Journey.  Crying baby?  Wait, were's my Journey's greatest hits album?  The dog ate what?  Hunny, turn on the Journey concert we recorded from Palladia.  Yup, it's my Zen.

The Winner Is by Devotchka- This is the song my father walked me down the isle too.  I love it.  I could listen to this song on repeat  It appears in commercials every now and then; especially Johnson and Johnson and there is one company that has it playing now, but of course I have no idea what the commercial is for because all I hear is the sweet melody.  At the first note I am instantly warped back to July 10, 2009 and it's magical.

What are your five songs?  I'd love to hear!


  1. I love Journey's song.


    1. It can seriously pick me up from any bad mood. Good times!