May 24, 2013


Cue in the theme song from The OC...

We had a fabulous trip out West filled with lots of time with my family, exploring beautiful Southern California, Safari animals delicious food, and a wedding fit for Bride's Magazine. Ready for an obnoxious amount of pictures and narrative? Yup, it's going to be one of those posts. Grab the beverage of your choice and enjoy!

Considering we woke him up at 3:45 am on the day we left, Brody did awesome on the plane and really the whole trip. Kids seriously are so resilient; he adapted to every new person and place with ease. What can we say, we have the worlds easiest baby.

Happy as can be on the plane

Until a week ago Brody and I were In-N-Out Burger virgins. Yum! We've been missing out

"more, more."

My parents had terrible luck with travel. They left a day before us and should have arrived in time to greet us, but instead they spent the night in the Dallas Airport and met us at the hotel in Temecula. Brody was pumped to see them!

As a groomsman, Aaron was busy on Friday with wedding related activities so me, B and my parents hit the Safari Park.

My dad is the same size as an adult gorilla ....

... Bman has a ways to go...

Those of you who know Aaron will get this picture. Hint: look in the background

Sitting with Grammy, loving the tram ride through 'Africa'

Peek a boo!

Saturday we hit the farmer's market in Temecula. Oh, how we love farmer's markets and miss them terribly. The berries were amazing!

Love this scrunched nose, berry eating machine

Hang in there, I'm almost to the amazing wedding details...

An afternoon swim with Grampy

Still with me? Aaron and I had the most fabulous time at Don and Meredith's wedding. The weather was amazing and so was the Temecula Creek Inn where it was hosted. They had a harpist playing as you took your seats to the outdoor ceremony, and then a guitarist playing the ceremony music. They wrote their own vows which were so original and heartfelt. I cried like a baby the whole time! Absolutely beautiful!

I'd love to paint you a picture of the ceremony, but I'm not that talented. However, they had someone there who was...

Don and Meredith are both volleyball coaches and played in college. Loved this personal touch

We closed out Sunday in San Diego on Mission Bay and poolside at the Dana Resort

We settled back in to reality this week and learned Brody is a great traveler. Hopefully he'll keep it up for out 5 our car ride to PA next weekend. Fingers crossed!

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