Apr 15, 2013

Road Trip to NoVa!

We hit the road this past weekend and headed to Northern Virginia to celebrate my friend Jill, who is 9 days away from being a mama for the second time. We were joined there by our other great friends Shannon, Brad and their cutie Nick. It was the first time us ladies had been together in way too long and the first time all three boys were together under one roof.

In place of a Sprinkle the ladies headed off for a spa day and lunch date and left the boys with the daddios. What a treat! My feet were screaming for some love and boy did Leesburg Nails deliver. By far the best pedicure I have ever had.

Shannon, mama to be Jill and myself getting our feet pampered

I love how over the years I have been able to extend my circle of friends to include my besties childhood friends. Shannon's best friend, Jessica lives in the same area as Jill and she was able to join us for the afternoon. She too got some mommy time and left her two babes home with her husband.

The rest of our time away from the kiddos looked like this:

Sweet. Lovely. Amazing. Wegmans. Oh, have I missed you so....

We returned home before the boys got back from their walk. Jessica headed home to her family, Shannon and I enjoyed a beer, and Jill had a soda.

Daddy Daycare

The boys were all passed out in the strollers. Sweet babes, sweet hubands.

Big brother to be, Owen

Owen and Nick chasing each other

Auntie Shannon loving on the Bman

Mommy loving on her sweet babe

No blog post would be complete with pictures of children eating food....

Brody tried corn on the cob for the first time and once he figured out what to do with it loved it!

"Lady, you are crazy." Totally sure this is what he thinks of me...

Owen getting tickled from Shannon and Nick

Best buds enjoying a tub together.

Such a fabulous weekend. In 9 days we'll find out if Owen will have a brother or sister. I cannot wait to hear the exciting news, the suspense is killing me! Big thanks to the Orton clan for hosting us!

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