Feb 18, 2013

Lucky Number Seven...

How on earth did we get here already???  Brody turned 7 months yesterday and we celebrated with a pancake breakfast followed by mattress shopping.  Super fun times for Bman!  We did get to spend most of the day at home playing and snuggled up on the sofa.  We all took a 90 minute nap yesterday (even the animals).  It was overall a great day!

Stats:  Brody will go for part two of his flu shot Friday so stats to follow.   He continues to develop new rolls on his legs daily so I will take this as a sign he is gaining a good amount of weight.

Eating:  Over this past month we have been practicing eating lots of new foods and exploring tons of textures.  He gets super excited when I place him in his chair and he loves to taste everything he is offered.  There has not been a single thing I have offered him that he did not suck on.  I am hoping he continues to be adventurous with food and enjoy a wide variety.  During the week he is only getting solids at night (due to time constraints) and he is still taking three 5oz. bottles at daycare and nursing morning and night.

It's been fun to watch him develop in this area.  It's amazing how quickly he figured it out and I am so impressed with how much his fine motor skills have improved in such a short period of time.  Although he is really not eating as much as he is exploring, he is enjoying all the different flavors.

Sleeping:  This is pretty much the same as last month.  He has been waking between 2-4am and seems to have a hard time going back to sleep.  I need to improve on this myself and do a little more sleep training, but I have been nursing him and he falls back to sleep.  It's a selfish battle between what will be better in the long run (letting him soothe himself back to sleep) or nursing him back to sleep which I know will work and take less time.  Once he wakes I am up and then restless until he falls back to sleep.  Oh, the parenting dilemma's...  He is still on schedule with the firm 7pm bedtime and he wakes between 6:15-7.  Most days I have to wake him around 6:45 to nurse him and get myself out the door by 7:30.  On the weekends when I have let him sleep he sometimes sleeps until 7:30. 

He is king of the catnap and  takes 3 (sometimes 4) everyday.  His naps are usually less than a hour long but every now and then will sleep 90 minutes in a stretch.  He likes to sleep and at home puts himself to sleep for the night and naps.  I am not sure how he is at school in this department but I never hear that he is difficult with sleeping.

Play:  This has been a really fun area to watch him grow.  He enjoys simple games and plays with more toys.  Anything that has a 'cause and effect' he loves to play with.  He is discovering that each toy has a purpose and enjoys finding out what that purpose is.  He loves shaking, rolling, pulling and of course putting everything in his mouth.  He also continues to love the tub.  His new game is to run his hands under the running water and catch his reflection in the silver faucet cover.  Oh the sweet giggles.  I could listen to it forever!

Physical:  He uses rolling as his primary method to get around but has now learned to go in a full circle while on his belly.  He is not up on his knees yet but can push up really far on his hands and is scooting a little with his feet.  He sits well for short periods of time but still needs lots of support behind him.  he will arch his back and just flop over.  If he is placed against a table he will stand for a brief amount of time but he does not seem at all interested in standing or cruising on his own just yet.  Phew!  A few more weeks before we really have to baby proof everything.

Language:  Lots and lots of talking!  We spent a great deal of time in the car on Friday and Saturday and when he wasn't sleeping he was talking to "the other babe in the mirror," otherwise known as his own reflection.  No intentional words yet (that I can tell) but he is displaying both receptive and expressive skills.   He will look when you say his name and looks toward the dogs when I ask "where's the doggy?"  Although I know that he is talking now, I cannot wait until I can distinguish his words and hear his sweet voice look at me and say, "mama."

Time is seriously flying and although I wish that it would slow down a bit I am also excited about what each month will bring.  Happy 7 months, sweet boy!

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