Apr 25, 2012

Housing Updates...

I am thrilled to announce we will not be homeless and have found a place to move to.  It is an adorable single family home just on the other side of town.  We will be able to move in June 1st for sure but possibly sooner.  The house has never been lived in but used as a sales office for a housing developer.  There are several new homes all surrounding us and we have been told there is a good mix of some older families and young families with small children.  I think Willis and Bella will also love the miles and miles of new walking trails to explore in our new neighborhood!

We have started to go through boxes in the basement and clothes and shoes in closets to decide what we are moving (again) and what we will donate or throw away.  It's amazing the stuff you accumulate over the years!  And we are aware it will only get worse with the addition of BB in July.  It certainly is amazing how much stuff such a small person needs.  His stuff is beginning to overtake our spare room in our current home and I cannot wait to move and get it all put away and organized.

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