Apr 16, 2012


It's been five years since the the school shooting at Virginia Tech shocked the nation.  I remember hearing the news- I was still working at the Child Development Center in Athens, Ohio and on a morning break when I logged on to the computer and began hearing about the events happening at VT.  As the day went on the details became more gruesome and the victim totals continued to rise.  I remember feeling so sad for the families, community and the university.  This is not something you would ever expect to happen.

That was five years ago and at that time I had no connection or ties to Virginia Tech or the community of Blacksburg.  Now, being immersed in this beautiful college town the reality of what happened five years ago really strikes a cord.  It is even more difficulty to imagine that anything so horrific could happen in this beautiful place.

On Saturday I joined Aaron and his team for a 3.2 mile walk in remembrance of the 32 victims who lost their lives in a selfish act of violence.  Before beginning the race 32 white balloons were released and a moment of silence was observed in honor of the victims.  Everyone else then released either a maroon or orange balloon to symbolize this community and the strength of numbers to get through such a difficult event.

Before the walk began.  Not the most flattering photo at 7:30am.  I think my hat needs to be adjusted as well =)

Balloon release 
Walking through Lane Stadium

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