Jan 6, 2012

Catching up

I am a little behind so I thought that I would post some updates of the past few weeks.  For Christmas Aaron an I flew to MA to spend the holidays with my family.  We had a fabulous time but of course it went by too fast.  With Aaron's swimming schedule and my work schedule we could only get away for 4ish days so it was fast!  We spent lots of time shopping, dining with friends and enjoying our time with family.  My nieces and nephew are getting so big!  Christmas is just so special when you have the little ones around to enjoy it with.  

 Addy got a doll house!  Poor Ryan (brother in law) spent the next few hours putting it together.

 Riley likes it too!

 Riley got her own big girl bike!  The look on her face was priceless when my dad rolled it in from the porch.
Liam just hanging out.  I love his spiked hair!

The morning after we flew back to Blacksburg, Aaron was out the door at 3:30am to drive (yes drive) to Ft. Lauderdale for his teams training trip.  I had the week off so this is what my house looked like for most of the week:

Serious. Snuggle. Fest.  Willis, Bella, Brady and I enjoyed some lazy days on the couch and long walks on the Huckleberry Trail.  Luckily the weather has been beautiful!

Last weekend, I loaded up the pups and headed to Pittsburgh to visit my college roommate (and bestie) and meet her (at that time) 7 week old baby, Nicholas.  The pups love visiting Shannon and Brad too because they get to see her dog, Troy.  Seriously. Wrestle. Mania.

Baby Nick.  How cute is he?  Such a good baby!

Willis and Bella sleeping.  For some reason the only pictures I have of the dogs are them sleeping and resting; however, the reality is that there was a lot more wrestle mania then there was sleeping. I think when they slept was the only time we actually go to sit down.  I had a very quiet drive back as Willis and Bella slept the whole way and then even the whole next day.  By Wednesday they were back to being their normal pains in the ass.  But, I love them just the same.

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope 2012 brings lots of happiness and health for everyone!

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