Nov 23, 2011

Bobcat Baby Boom!

Many of my former teammates at Ohio have welcomed babies this fall.  Congrats to the newest parents Becky and Phil Zawadski (both OU Swimming and Diving Alums) on the birth of Trey David!  It has been so fun watching our network of future Ohio Bobcats expand.  Plus, on a positive note for all those who don't live in Ohio (which most don't) you can now send your bobkitties to Ohio and wave the $8,000 out of state fee.  Which I'm sure by 2030 will be something more like a $20,000 fee!

Here's how the (potential) graduating class of 2034 is shaping up:

Owen Orton
Nicholas Poleski
Trey Zawadski
Baby Fisher

Whoa, holy boys!  OU will have to bring back the Men's swimming and diving team!

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  1. lots of little boys! these guys need some girlfriends! :)