Sep 26, 2011

A Crappy Situtaion

Yesterday we had a very messy situation on our hands. This situation involves Bella....

Bella is a vulture; a thief. She will eat almost anything and sometimes she'll steal your food right out if your hand or off your plate. No food is left unattended when Bella is around. As i just said, she'll eat ANYTHING and this is what has been causing stress in our house.

In the old house in the Arctic we had a cat door to basement and we kept the cat box down there. We didn't choose this location because of the dogs it was just out of the way and gave Brady some privacy (because you know cats need privacy too.) Here in the rental there is no cat door to the basement so the door has to either be open or be closed. Are you getting the idea yet??

While trying to relax yesterday afternoon Bella approached me and this overwhelming horrible smell came with her. I noticed she looked dirty... Oh how I wish it was just dirt. Bella took it upon herself to no only have a kitty litter buffet but to also remove it from the box and roll all in it! See why I wish it was just dirt?? She rolled in cat S#^t!!! Even though she had just been bathed by the vet students, back in the tub she went for a thorough lather, rinse and repeat (x2!!)

How can this sweet pup be so mischievous and gross??? No kisses for Bella yesterday.

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