Aug 22, 2011

Totally Long Absence!

Holy Cow!!  Well, I have officially neglected this blog over the past three months....  And it is certainly not because there is not a TON to blog about.  The truth is that things have been crazy and our personal computer needs to be recycled so blogging on a slow, old computer is not really fun or motivating.  A new computer is definitely on  the short list of wants.  However, our need list has been extended so the want list is getting pushed aside.

For example, something that we need is to sell our home.  About 4 weeks ago Aaron was offered the position as Head Assistant at Virginia Tech.  And although it was a tough decision to make, it really was an opportunity that we could not pass up.  As greedy and selfish as it felt to walk away from two jobs we love, a home we love and (yes I'm going to say it) we love the Arctic.  I will be happy to trade the stupid long winters but we love Buffalo and it is a place that will always hold a soft spot in our hearts.  But back to the point, we need to sell our home.  It has been listed for a whole two weeks ( I know that's nothing) and we have had no action.  We did have an appointment made to see it but it got cancelled.  Poor Aaron worked like a slave to get the house ready to show and it was cancelled.  I came home to a very clean house that night- I guess that is a positive thing, right?  So in the interim, the lovely man that is replacing Aaron will be moving in here with his wife and enjoying our home while we continue to try to sell the house.  Cross your fingers we see some action!

Another thing on the need list is a job for me.  As much as I know I would make a tremendous domestic engineer (stay at home wife) it's just not in the cards.  I need to work at a minimum of part time to balance the mortgage and rent of the new pad (which is super cute).  I would love to find a job similar to what I am currently doing but I will move to another area of education if necessary.  The reality of me continuing in Athletics is not probable just because it is a narrow field and Blackburg, Virginia is not really a booming metropolis with lots of other colleges around.  I have communicated with the people at VT and expressed both my interest and what I can offer to them and I will just wait and see.  I do have two phone interviews set up for this week; one with Radford University (20 mins. down the road) and another with VT at their Child Development Center.  We will see what happens!

Although we are very sad to leaving Buffalo we are looking forward to the new adventure that Virginia will offer.  Shorter winters, ACC football and basketball, and hills!  I have forgot what it is like to run hills!  I will be resculpting the buns and legs-!

As we make this move I will be sure to blog a little more frequently.  In fact, Aaron is already gone and it is just me and the animals here holding down the fort.  That in itself offers enough entertainment.  I am playing the role of the "single animal lady."  The poor pups definitely miss their primary dog walker!

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