May 8, 2011

Road Trip to the 'Burgh

On the same weekend that Prince Liam arrived , myself, Aaron and the pups headed to Pittsburgh to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of Aaron's closest and oldest friends, Matt.  Before we made the trip Aaron and I spent the best $90 we have ever spent; we purchased a gate for the back of the car that kept the pups confined to the hatch for the trip.  It made such a HUGE difference.  Bella is a great traveler but Willis (as mentioned many times before) sucks in the car.  He wants to literally drive the vehicle (i.e. be in the driver's seat with me.)  If he were an 8 pound poodle this may be OK, but he is a 94 pound Weimarainer and highly impedes my view of the road.  It's a huge safety issue and has resulted in me taking them nowhere by myself.  However, after this awesome car experience I feel so much more confident about taking Willis on car trips by myself.  Why it's taken us this long to get one I have no idea.

In addition to getting to spend some time with Matt and his fiance Julie, as well as some of Aaron's other childhood friends, we were able to hang out with my college roommate, Shannon and her husband Brad.  It was a treat for Willis and Bella too because Shannon and Brad have a 7 month old Chocolate Lab named Troy.  Although Bella was not really that interested in playing with the boys, Willis and Troy had a blast! 

 Willis and Troy were wrestling so much it was impossible to get a decent picture of them

Willis taught Troy how to watch the world go by....

This is what the Bell house looked like for about 24 hours after returning from Pittsburgh- Willis and Bella (Aaron and I too) were exhausted!

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