Apr 3, 2011

Quality Time

I have no idea how this routine came to be but the routine on Sunday's is that I get up with the dogs in the morning.  Willis' natural rhythm is around 7am (it always has been) so this is when we wake up.  Although Willis is an early riser, Bella would probably sleep until 10; but since she is a Velcro dog and doesn't like to miss a beat, she joins us downstairs.  After we head downstairs and they go out for a short walk, Willis joins me on the couch to catch up on my DVR'd shows while Bella thunders back up the stairs and heads back to bed with Aaron.  Again, how did I get stuck with the early shift?

As much as I don't like that I am the one that never sleeps past 7am on a Sunday, I do really enjoy my time on the couch with Willis.  This is about the only time that he and I get to spend together without Bella.  While I drink my coffee and watch my TV shows that I cannot during the week, he curls up on the couch next to me.

However, more than the snuggle time that we have together what I really love is when he hears Aaron upstairs getting out of bed.  He sits at the bottom of the steps, wags his tail with such happiness and waits for Aaron to come down and join me for coffee. 

What did we ever do before this incredibly sweet pup?

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