Mar 16, 2011

The Neverending Story of a Rotten Dog

Willis was a pretty good pup and really didn't chew or eat anything that he wasn't supposed to.  For the first two years of his life, he was in a crate when we went to work. However, we always made sure he was stocked up on bones and chew toys while we were away.  The only thing that caused us stress during the first year was finding his dog bed chewed to pieces and returning home to find a dog lost in a sea of white filling.  And yes, this was quite costly but I attributed his rotten behavior to getting bones stuck below the bed and him digging to get them out.  Whether my theory is true or not I will never know but I don't think his behavior was malicious.

Once Willis was two he was released from "Crateville" and allowed to roam free.  He was an angel!  We never came home to any surprises but just a sweet amber eyed dog to welcome us home every afternoon.

Fast forward to the present.  Our sweet dog has become a little too "curious."  Everyday it seems to be something new.  He keeps going for paper products and chewing them to shreds.  He doesn't eat the paper (usually) he just shreds it.  The list includes: junk mail, insurance forms, checkbooks, textbooks, toilet paper and the most recent addition- Bella's medicine for her stomach!

Last week when Bella was sick I was given a prescription to put on her food once a day.  It came in a box that had 30 individually wrapped "servings."  Once I returned home from the Vet with Bella I headed right back out to the store to pick up chicken and rice to make her bland diet for the week.  As usual I just plopped the bag down on the dining room table.  When I returned home I found the box of medicine shredded to bits and NO evidence of the 30 small packets that should have been littered all over my house.  WILLIS!!!  Sure enough he ate every single packet.  And how do we know?  Evidence was littered  in our yard an hour later, and then again the next day, and the day after that.  What a rotten dog!

I called the Vet to make sure that Willis would be OK and  of course when I called they thought I had a concern about Bella, but I assured them Bella was just fine and it was Willis who now may potentially need care.  They said he would be fine but to bring him in if he seemed ill.  Luckily, nature ran it's course and Willis was just fine.

I will accept partial responsibility for this since I left the medicine on the table and right in reach of the rotten dog.  However, I am ready to have back my not so curious Weimaraner and resume a lifestyle free of picking up shredded paper every afternoon.  Move over Marley, Willis is officially the most rotten dog.

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