Mar 25, 2011

Half Marathon

Even since I retired from swimming 7 years ago, I have not really found a fitness routine that works for me.  Swimming was never "exercising," it was training and something that I really enjoyed.  Once I was done swimming I was ready to take up something that I could develop over time- I chose running.  When I lived in Ohio I has a great training buddy, Shelley and we would run while also sharing life stories, work stress, etc.  When I left Ohio I just never settled back in to running or any consistent training.

For the past year, I have been running with a friend of mine Rebecca and we have found enjoyment in running together in the mornings on the treadmill.  We discuss the worlds problems all the while conditioning our bodies.  I have found comfort again in running.

So to give myself focus and purpose, I have officially decided to run a half marathon this spring. I have done two in the past- one that I really trained for and another that I mostly did for the fun of it and although I would not say half marathons are my "ideal race," it gives me a fitness goal and a reason to get the miles in.

The half will take place Memorial Day weekend  in Buffalo.  It will be a nice flat course so I am hoping to clock my best time yet!

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