Mar 12, 2011


No not me, Bella is officially on a diet.  I took her to the Vet yesterday because she has been having some stomach issues and we were getting a little concerned.  However, I never imagined I would have seen the numbers that came across the scale.  Back in August when we took Bella to our Vet for the first time she weighed 54 pounds; yesterday she weighed 68 pounds!  We officially have the fat kid!  She doesn't look fat and still has good muscle tone but the Vet did say she could stand to lose a minimum of 5 pounds.

I was beside myself.  How could we let this happen?  She no longer has a waist!  Both she and Willis are grazers so it is hard to know how much she actually eats.  The Vet recommended that we begin to food train them.  The bowls go down for 20 minutes and then they are taken away.  Both she and Willis will learn to eat in those 20 minutes and there will be no other food until the next feeding.

Also, since Bella has been having stomach problems she is on a bland diet of chicken and brown rice for the next week.  She loves this!  I made a huge bowl of this last night and she is in heaven.  At least she is enjoying her "diet" so far! 

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