Feb 11, 2011

Winter Blues

Cooped up- that about describes how I am feeling in the Arctic right about now.  I know most of the country is experiencing an incredible freeze so I hate to complain but the realty for us in Buffalo is that it will go on like this for another 6 weeks or so.  Althought it will warm up a bit the end just does not seem in sight. Blah!

Ok enough about the weather...

Other happenings in the Arctic:

  • It's taper time for the UB Swimmers and their Championships are right around the corner.  The Women are less than 2 weeks out and the Men 3 weeks.  Aaron is getting super excited for what's to come. SN: I have not been a compeitive swimmer for 7 years!!!  That just doesn't even seem possible!
  • I leave for Mexico for the Kurrle/Hedrick nuptuail in less than two weeks.  Oh, Mexico how I need you so!
  • Willis keeps eating paper.  The latest victim- the checkbook.  If you could see him curled up next to me on the couch you wouldn't believe how rotten he is. But yes, it's true.  Oh, I spoke to soon- now he's shaking out the rug at the entryway!
We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend!  Aaron and I traditionally do breakfast for the holiday but are thinking about having dinner this year instead.  We don't usually do gifts but I got Aaron something he has been eyeing.  Oh, and he bought me something too while I was shopping for him.  He of course doesn't know this yet but I will make him aware when I present his gift to him.

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