Jan 27, 2011


This is defintaley a neglected blog.  My deepest appologies to all 10 readers for my absence.  No good reason for the absence just been busy enjoying life, two rottenly wonderful pups, a sweet kitty and a great hubby.

So what's been happening in the Arctic?  As expected, cold temperatures have blanketed the area.  The past few days have been comfortable compared to the beginning of the week where we experienced temps around -7.  You know it's cold when you go outside and the moisture in your nose sticks.  I know gross, but just reality here in the dead of winter.  It warmed up 30 degrees in one day and it felt like a heat wave!  We're back to the mid 30's and all is good on the weather front.  The weather actually feels mild compared to the weather my family has been getting in Massachusetts.

School started last week so life around UB has been a little crazy.  Call me insane, but I actually like the insanity- keeps me busy.  The break feels long without all the students around and I enjoy their company.

Things for Aaron have been going great.  The Men's and Women's team split their meet at Eastern Michigan and they saw some great swims on both sides.  Aaron has two meets this weekend and they are one week closer to thier respected champoinships.  It's getting exciting!!

I would post pics of the pups but they are sleeping and I never wake a sleeping pup!  Pics to come soon....

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