Dec 4, 2010

Updates from the Arctic

We got our first snow on December 1st and when I posted "bring it on" to facebook some friends disliked.  However, what I have learned after living in Buffalo for three winters is that no snow before December is a miracle!  The southern suburbs (known as the Southtowns) got HAMMERED with snow.  Some towns up to 35 inches!  We on the other hand got a dusting.  The lake effect snow is such a new concept to me but I am so glad we live in the northern suburbs (the Northtowns.)

Winter is officially here and we have begun to decorate for the holiday season.  In our house the tree always goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving and stays until New Years.  I just love the lights, the smell and all decorations associated with Christmas.  Now to get all the shopping complete before the mall gets completely insane...

Willis has been on good behavior (except for the basket he ate the other day,) but for the most part he has been good.  No more peeing on the bed or tearing holes in carpets-  I am hoping we have seen the end of that.  He has also been told that if he is good Santa will being him a new dog bed.  Maybe we should start the Elf on the Shelf tradition with the dogs?  Do you think they are too young to understand??

Aaron's team is away this weekend at the Akron Invite.  Both the Men's and Women's teams are off to a great start this season and this could be the year for them to win a Championship.  He works so hard and I am so proud of him!

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