May 29, 2010

The Story Behind the Photo

Poor Willis, he just can't win the battle with the ear infections. Part of the problem is that it is nearly impossible to get the ear drops in his ears. He puts up a huge fight and it is exhausting. Since he has yeast in his ears, the best treatment is the topical cream and an oral medication is not the best treatment.

Sometime within the past week Willis ended up with a small cut on his ear, and every time he shook his head the cut got bigger. It turned into a scab, and then an abscess, and it would bleed every time he shook his ears.

The first step is to treat the infection his ears so he won't shake. So in hopes to let his ear heal, this is what he have to deal with for the next 4 days. Any bets on how long we can keep the babushka on his head?

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