Apr 19, 2010

How it feels to be two: a post by Willis

Well, as you are all aware I am now a big two year old. I had a fabulous birthday and mom was kind enough to not completely torture me. I overheard her talking to dad about a "birthday outfit," and I would be lying if I wasn't already plotting my exit from whatever that "outfit" may have entailed. I was very relieved when I learned I would only have to wear a hat, sit for a moment, and give a handshake (or two.) Also, thank you mom for turning off the flash and the red eye before the photo shoot. All those lights makes me crazy!
I also got a visit from my best friend, Juno!
(**disclaimer** there is no longer snow in the Arctic, this picture was taken in January)
The next day some friends came over for a cookout and I was allowed to roam off the leash through the backyard. I was so tempted to run away, but resisted the urge and listened very well.

The only exception was when I ran to the side of the house to lay in the ivy.

Part of the reason I was such a good listener and stayed close was because of....

SPEEDO! My new friend. Isn't she cute?? She brought me some great gifts too. Thanks, Speedo!
All is all two has been great! Everyday is an adventure and I long for the day that I can roam free around the house. If I remember correctly, I heard the neighbor tell mom to wait until I am two. Well, here I am at the ripe old age of two and still in Crateville. Maybe by the time I am three...

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