Mar 6, 2010

A Wussy Dog and Some R&R

I spent the morning cleaning the house. It is a never ending process and I never feel it's done. But that is for another post... Willis gets annoyed when I am in my cleaning mode because for all of you who have had the opportunity to meet Willis, or know anyone with a Weimaraner then you know that they don't rest unless you are resting. So the morning for Willis consisted of him chasing the vacuum and the swiffer. He is not a big fan of either, but not really afraid of them.

Once the house was clean Willis and I headed out for a walk around the block and while walking we ran into some friends, Kona and Bruno. Kona is an 8 year old Weim and Bruno is a 1 year old Golden Retriever. We stopped and played for a bit. I do have to say that Willis is a huge wuss! He was totally getting "beat up on the playground." Willis is never the dominant dog and is always submissive to other dogs, but today it was really evident with the two of them just ganging up on him. Kona was barking and Bruno was just throwing his paws all over the place. Willis' tail never stopped wagging (as always) but he totally got his ass kicked in Kona's backyard! We are going to have to work on this...

So once we got home around 3, this is how Willis' afternoon is looking. Nice. Tired. Lazy. Dog. Boy, do I love this little "wussy" fella!

Aaron comes home tomorrow, but before he can come home the Men need to take care of business in Ypsilanti. Check out how they are performing! For you swim fans, life stats can be found here.

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  1. Those pictures are the best! I miss that sleepy puppy face :) Auntie Jen needs to come visit!